Get it Get it

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Get it, Get it, you have options … You can get it for free at cdbaby Or, you can buy it on iTunes  You can even pick it up on Amazon No matter how you get it, just make sure you have it. It’s percussion, passion for the people. “Word[...]

Why is Your Digital Release for Free on CD Baby?

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Karma, baby.  Just as long as you have it, I’m good.  If you want to make it rain in my direction and show some love, there are other places you can buy the digital downloads, such as iTunes and Amazon.  As my ex-girlfriend says, “Get it, get it.”

Music Video for Spill

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PK, who is twice my size, walks up to me at a Kay & Dave’s in Brentwood, CA and says, “I’m going to make you a music video.”  It was more of a “this is happening with or without you” situation.  Check out the video here: YouTube  

Whose Belly is That???

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After applying suntan lotion on a number of pretty California frames, it was a no brainer when Mihaela Lacramioara, actress and model, came through with great abs and a fun Cali vibe.  Although she was a transplant to California, she let us put a tattoo on her.  P.S. She walks[...]

Last CD Printed

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Yes, this will be the last physical CD I think we are going to make, so buy one while you can.  This could be the last physical CD you ever own – ever.  I think all of our future releases will be digital.  This CD is awesome, though.  The inside[...]