The rhythm will get you … healthy.

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The rhythm will get you … healthy You’ve probably heard of drum circles, though the thought of a drum circle may conjure different images for different people. From the rituals of Native American and African tribes to the hippie love-ins of the 1960s and everything in between, drum circles have[...]

Trick or Treat

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Making kids do anything can be a full-time job in and of itself sometimes. Whether it is cleaning their room or doing their homework, it seems you have to twist their arm to do the non-fun stuff in life. Add to that the often arduous task of practicing an instrument[...]

Music is Education

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Music has been linked to education since humans first learned how to hum. Throughout history, humans have communicated, taught, and connected through song. Native tribes would pass down their heritage through not only stories, but songs; Bible stories were taught to children through informative songs they could learn and sing[...]

Local Talent

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Paying your dues has always been a part of an artist’s life, regardless of what kind of art you choose to create. Part of those dues for musicians is to play local venues in order to gain both a following and attention in the hopes of getting noticed and eventually[...]

Not Just for Decoration

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There are many homes that use congas and other hand drums as stunning additions to their décor. They are exquisite, but they’re not just for decoration. It’s true, they are beautifully designed and expertly made, but beyond being an artistic and aesthetic addition to your home, they are instruments capable[...]