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Well, 2016 is officially over, and there are many people (myself included) breathing a sigh of relief. Even a cursory glance at social media will show you that 2016 didn’t appear to be the most popular twelve months in recent history. There seemed to be a dark cloud that descended early on in 2016 and just never let up.

It’s likely going to go down as one of the most heartbreaking because of the sheer number of music and film legends that went on to the big amphitheater in the sky. From the early deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman to the tragic loss of Carrie Fisher and her beloved mother Debbie Reynolds just a day later, we all seemed to live each day wondering what tragedy would befall us next. Many of us experienced personal loss right along with the families and loved ones of our beloved icons.

Here is a list of all those we lost this last year. May they all rest in peace, and may this next year bring far more happiness than tragedy.





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