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Music: Food for the Soul

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There have been many studies done over the years that point to music’s impact on a person’s emotional well-being and how music can alleviate stress and even help with depression. These studies are great, but it’s not like most of us didn’t know this already.

Who here hasn’t, at some moment in our lives, turned to music as a means of therapy? Most of us at one point or another have played that one song over and over, you know the one, that speaks to our very soul and understands just how much pain we are in. It just gets us, it may have even been written specifically for us, right? It feels that way, anyway.

Don’t we all have that one album that somehow reflects who we are as a person? We are completely convinced that the musician(s) had to have been following us around while writing it because it is just too representative of our own experience.

We have songs that amp us up before a big job interview or exam, we have songs that mellow us out and bring the world back into sharp focus, we have songs that abate anger, songs that get us in the mood.

Music is emotion, so it’s no surprise that it does, in fact, have an impact on us psychologically, but you know scientists, they’ve just got to figure out how it all works. Fine with me, as long as it keeps working.

Are you interested in the how? Check out this article below for a little insight into just how powerful music is on the human psyche, and how it all seems to come together.


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