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Hoaxes and Conspiracies

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The music business is rampant with tales of conspiracy and hoaxes from the hilarious to the ridiculous. Even people born decades after the Beatles came to America can tell you about the Paul is dead conspiracy that followed him his entire career. Even a relatively recent documentary (2010) reinforces old myths and musings about what “really” happened to Paul McCartney, and the imposter who has taken his place. Of course, where Paul is dead, evidently Elvis lives, and what Rock’n’Roll record from the 60s, 70s, or 80s didn’t wasn’t run backward to hear lyrics hailing Satan and claiming allegiance to evil? You can’t swing a dead cat around without smacking it into one of these stories, and nothing seems to have changed today.

Want to read a story about “The Most Expensive Record Never Sold?” Well, click below to learn more about Bill Yeager and how his desire to become a musician led him down a dark road of lies and deceit. It’s interesting, very interesting, but nothing new for the music industry.


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