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Movie Soundtracks

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Do you have a favorite Movie Soundtrack? I have a few, but none of them are recent. As a matter of fact, one of my favorites, from The Big Chill, consists of songs that were recorded long before I was born. But in recent years, there really haven’t been many movies that have moved me to buy their soundtracks. For a while I wasn’t sure if that was because I stopped watching movies or just stopped liking the music chosen, or written, for the movies themselves. Well, it might have actually been the latter.

In reading this article, How Movie Soundtracks Came Back From the Dead With ‘Fifty Shades’ & ‘Fast and Furious’ Leading the Pack by Melinda Newman, I learned I was not alone. I hadn’t come across any soundtrack favorites, and neither had the Billboard charts. Why do you think that is? Did studios executives just stop putting any emphasis on the music behind the scenes, or did they just lose their magic, musical touch for a while?

Whatever the reason, as Melinda points out, with films like La La Land killing it on the big screen, we might be on the resurgence of a time when both the visual and the audio aspects of films seek to entertain us. We can only hope.

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