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New Year, New Music

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With every new year comes new bands, new musicians, new music. Most of us have carved out our only little style of music that we turn to, maybe a few different styles depending on our mood or what’s going on in our lives. It’s what we are comfortable with, what makes us happy and inspired. The problem with that is, when we stick strictly with those musicians and genres that we are most comfortable with we miss out on a lot of great stuff that we never knew we always wanted to listen to.

Do me, and yourself a favor right away, Google “Introduce me to new music” and see what awaits you out there. Maybe you’ve never really ventured into the world of Blues or taken a walk down a Blue Grass lane. What you hear may surprise you, it may not, but isn’t it worth a try? Sometimes the music that you never thought you would like could turn out to be something that touches your very soul.

So open your mind and expand your repertoire and see if you can find something new to listen to that you can’t believe you haven’t been listening to your whole life.

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