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RIP Chuck Berry

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Each time another music legend moves on to that big record studio in the sky, all of us left behind are forced to think about mortality and how fleeting life can be. Perhaps it was music we grew up with, or music our parents grew up with, even music our grandparents grew up with, but a loss is still a loss. Most people aren’t ready to let go of their musical inspirations, even if they did live a very long time, like the most recent victim in this game called life, Chuck Berry.

Even though Rock’n’Roll icon and guitar god, Chuck Berry passed away on Saturday of natural causes, even though he lived to be 90 years old, losing one of music’s greats is a loss that ripples out and is felt by all.

Here is a wonderful tribute of Rock’n’Roll Hall of Famer, from the Hall of Fame itself. Rest in Peace, Mr. Berry. You’ll not be forgotten.


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