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Workout Songs

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High atop most people’s list of New Year’s resolutions is the promise to eat better, exercise more, and overall lead a healthier and more active life. It’s definitely on my list, I bet it’s on yours, too.

As gyms across the country fill up with the hordes of people who are absolutely determined not to drop their New Year’s vows before January even comes to a close, I have to ask, what is everyone listening to? What gets you pumped and makes you push yourself? What songs make you want to work harder, sweat more, lift heavier, and run faster? What drives you, is it the lyrics or the beat or both?

It’s comes as no shock that everyone turns to a different genre of music, whichever one inspires them most, but here is a list of Fitness Magazine’s 100 workout songs, for you listening and exercising pleasure. So get out there and make that New Year’s Resolution to be healthier your bitch!


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